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You can use our Recording Studio for music recording or to make your movie video or demo for your live band.

What we do:

Specialize in individual vocalists. Making your music recording as good as it can be. You provide the background track, or use ours.
Our recording studio software is great for karaoke background tracks.
We work primarily with Classic Country and Old Rock N' Roll and Country Gospel artists.

What we don't do:

We have the facilities in Roswell, NM to record individual tracks for individual performers. We cannot record an entire band.
We can, for example, record the lead, vocals, bass, etc. on separate tracks. Then mix and master them.
Hip Hop is not our thing.

How it Works:

If you have a recording of you singing a song*, send us that recording along with a separate file of the Background music.
We will then take that vocal recording, remove any rumble, background noise (click's, etc.) and mix it with the Background track you have sent.
Then when that process is finished we will Master that combination to make for you a Radio Ready Recording.

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* If your recording is comprised of your vocals and the background music on one track it may not be possible to 'clean' the recording to your satisfaction. If this ends up being the case we will not charge you for anything. We will return the recording(s) you have sent to us and/or delete them from our servers.
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Roswell, New Mexico
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